"Historical monuments and artistic objects preserved in the Plovdiv families"

13 September - 31 December 2019

The exhibitions presents historical objects and relics donated to the museum by the prominent Plovdiv families. The exhibition also tells the stories of their lives.

On the occasion of "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture, 2019" the museum participates with the follow exhibitions: 

"Old Europe Unearthed"

14 May - 27 October 2019

There are 250 exhibits related to the ancient history of the city from the VII - I millennium BC, as well as the golden treasures from Valchitrun (Pleven), Hotnitsa (Veliko Tarnovo), Rupite (Petrich) and Dubene (Karlovo).

The original of Panagyurishte gold treasure 

14 May - 27 October 2019 


Since October 13, 2010 the permanent exposition of the Regional Archaeological Museum Plovdiv is opened to visitors.